Making for a smooth sale.

After taking a boat into brokerage, I have found that it is best to pre-survey the boat to find any problems, rather than wait and have them arise during the buyers survey.
When I brought BUSTER (30′ cape Classic) over from Skyline to Cap Sante I experienced quite a bit of vibration toward the stern of the boat at RPM’s over 1800.  So I got approval from the seller to haul the boat to find out what might be wrong.  All looks good, but the shaft is very hard to turn.  After some more investigation it looks like we need a new cutlass bearing.
We will get that fixed so that when we do get to survey we don’t have a problem that could delay, or even put the sale at risk.
I also found the owner a good canvas company to clean and overhaul the flybridge cover and bimini.  Things like clean and well maintained canvas help to give the prospective buyer an over all impression that the boat has been well maintained.
If there is a “punch list” of little, or big things that need to be done it is best to get them fixed.  It will give you the best possible chance of getting a good price for your boat.  Also it should make for a smooth sale that concludes quickly, and ends with a happy buyer and seller.