Looking Forward

Finishing out the year working on a major rewire.  The Sport Fish boat SUE is in great shape, and has been repowered with Cummings Diesels, but as is often the case, the wiring has been neglected over the years.

The boat also had a large 32 volt battery bank taking up a lot of space in the lazaret.  Most of the systems have been converted to 12 volt but now it was time to finish the job and get rid of the 32 volt system altogether.
A special thanks to my friends at Emerald Marine Carpentry in Anacortes for allowing me to work in their shop.

I have another busy month of work in Anacortes coming up. And then in February I will start my first project working in Bellingham.  I am very excited about moving my work up to the Port of Bellingham.  It’s been over a year now since Niccole and I moved to Sudden Valley, and we absolutely love it.  So if you have a boat in Bellingham and are looking for professional electrical work on your yacht, give me a call. I will be available this winter and spring.

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